Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Next Step...

First getting back to blogging on a regular basis....and next step... what seems to be a natural progression for alot of handmade jewelers, from beading, to wire wrapping, making ear wires, headpins, bead caps, jump rings, pmc, sawing to first two rings, made convientantly, in my size...I've bought books and read how to's and had bezel wire for, what I've learned...any suggestions, tips, critiques from seasoned or first time metalsmiths...would love to hear....
Ring #1on left:  thought round stone would be easier, 20mm.  Thought I'd go all out and
stamp on the bezel, says: enjoy life.  My thoughts and mis-steps, bezel too tall, is hard to burnish, now I
read fine silver is softer and easier to push.  Also,  this is what a beautiful blue Sodalite
stone looks like after it gets over heated.  I kept working on the bezel and knocked one
side of the band undone, so I re-soldered the bottom and ruined the stone.  Ring #2: Milk
Quartz, this time I cut the bezel down, I think that was better but the band is not straight.
Lots to learn, filing seams, bezel sizing, sizing the ring bands and placement,...but, oh
what fun!!!!...anyway, I got myself a couple of rings!