Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hello Again...and my jewelry course...

I've been doing a lot of learning over 2014 and now a jewelry course.  In the spring of 2014, I took a daytime adult class and learned to cut cabochons, great fun!  My husband and I then joined a rock club, , that he can attend after work, and together we both make cabochons.  My husband has gone on to make shperes and Zuni bears too. It is now even more fulfilling to make jewelry using the cabs that we cut ourselves.  By the way, it is good together time for us too.

I am now into week 4 of a jewelry making course. I always wanted to take a course and not just a 3 hour workshop, which I have taken a couple of those.  Our teacher, Bon, is well known and I had heard of him before too. I like the fact that we have projects that we must first do in the course that is designed to build on our skills and he closely oversees our work and answers our question. Also, what a great bunch of people in class.  So here is some pics of the projects that I made so far:
Made with 16 gauge wire.  Twisting, lots of annealing and cleaning after every pickling
fusing, hammering and more twisting and using the drawplate and forming.

Project #2 , wire twisted and straight was wrapped around and 8 gauge ss wire core
Please don't mind the gaps, having trouble making these photos line up...keep
a scrolling....

Another project with twisted wire wrapped around a core wire.. Annealing in picture 3.
This is probably my favorite, this and project #1. Here, twisting half round wire, 12 gauge,
if I remember right and 18 gauge wire. Once again, fused and hammered and filed ends to shape.

I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying this class and all the new people I have met, charmed...and
thanks for dropping on by here.~~~Linda