Friday, November 12, 2010

Farmers' Market Friday

That time of the week has rolled around again, ready or not!  Yes, it is Farmers' Market Friday.  Buckets must be redone, after the blog, as I went to another indoor show yesterday.  I like to keep my "stuff" down to a minimum.  Two buckets, jewelry case, small folding table, camera, lunch pail,(dating myself with that last note) and purse, two trips in with my small fold up hand cart, but today things need to be put back into their respective buckets for every Friday set-up.  I plan on elaborting more on the shows, on what I learn at every show in future blogs.  Hopefully, each show will be a walk in the park.  But for Friday, there are a few more things, ez up, tables, 4 buckets, chairs etc. but curb side un-loading.
So, as I said must get to work but wanted to chime in and leave you with these beautiful stones to dream of:
2 strands of 10mm faceted lapis lazuli rondelles, beautiful blue coloring with lots of pyrite flecks,....what to do...what to do...?

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