Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Table Set Up AT The Pink Parlour Festival

I enjoyed myself at the Pink Parlour Festival. It was a young crowd forum but with goodies and events for the whole family. It was indoors, and I must say I do like indoor shows, no weather worries and no ez-up. An 8ft table and two chairs were provided. This was good to know in advance. I went out and bought some material, alot of material, too much material, and draped it and clipped it to the

table and it worked out fine. Two previous shows that provided tables didn't say anything about size and I just assumed they were 6ft when in fact one was just 4ft. and the other was 8ft. Needless to say, I covered and displayed what I could. I always take my 4ft table that folds in half, it has been indispensable every time and I would highly recommend having one. Signage is a challenge too, but I was prepared this time and safety pins and the sign that attached to my ez-up worked out fine, though may have been hard to notice. I did make a 8 x 10 table top sign. In the future, I would like something I can set on an easel. Guestbook was out and business cards and fresh flowers. I'm always looking to improve, so any suggestions, tips, ideas and critiques are welcomed. You can see more event photos a http://www.flickr.com/photos/innerearthjewelry .

My Pink Parlour-ish display
left side

right side

guestbook, business card, fresh flowers and table top signage


  1. Thank you, I tried to get all my jewelry out on an 8ft table and not make it looked too bunched up.

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