Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glass and Stones Collections

While in a locate bead shop, I spied some lovely colorful faceted glass in an elongnated tear drop shape that I right then decided to buy and make jewelry with.

The green faceted glass matches the peridot stones perfectly
and carnelian and yellow jade make colorful earrings with the green glass

  Faceted yellow glass, cherry quartz, faceted clear glass rondelles and pink glass  made with
   Mother of Pearl inside the glass.

Yellow glass with coral and amazonite

Pink glass with mother of pearl bead


  1. Beautiful findings! I love long, dangling earrings!!! ~Val

  2. Thanks Val, long earrings are my favorite too. I'm happy with how these glass and stones combos turned out.~Linda

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  4. Very pretty jewelry...The simple but elegant look totally appeals to my aesthetic. Well done!