Sunday, June 5, 2011

Market Booth Display

I got some new linen displays, love them, to replace my
   acrylic ones.  (That picture in other computer and on my FB
Monrovia album if interested).

I decided it was time to up-date my weekly market booth, it has been pretty much the same since '08. To do so, I'm trying to keep key words in mind to guide me. Natural, organic, a little rustic, wood, metal, rocks, down-to-earth, inviting, sexy and feminine, and somewhat neutral in color. I would like the jewelry to add the color, sparkle and shine. I would like the booth to
 look like a little boutique, albeit, on
 a couple of six foot tables.
Spray painted the "posing girls" earring holders and glued
washers on the bottom with Guerilla glue.  They always
toppled over and needed a weight.  Now they  will hold
earrings just on one side too.

Needed some height and found that shelf at a thrift store that
week.  The wire stand with the jute bust was around the
house, don't really know what it is for but repurposed here. 
Also, spray painted the black velvet earring displays.

The tan table was looking sad and needed something.  Eunice,
who I met that night suggested, per my asking, something in the middle
This is a mirror I had thrifted and works well.  Also, painted the
gray velvet necklace displays.  I did finally get some of  my rocks out, they
really add to the whole display.  Last, would like to get a matching
tan table cover, I should say material, as these were made by my hubby. 
PS.  Things appear out of order at times as I do know how to get things just right
with this drag and click and fitting, please bear with me.


  1. Looks great!
    amy from Copperdiem

  2. Your tent looks beautiful. It is inviting and the focus is on the jewelry! ~Val

  3. Thanks Val and I hope it will show the shoppers how special I think handmade jewelry is by the effort put into the booth. I do appreciate the nice booths and clever displays when I go to events.