Monday, November 25, 2013

Almost Free E-Book

Downloaded my first E-Book, DOMING SILVER BEADS, all 96 pages.  I found this on Facebook at
Ganoskin.  This E-Book is offered free by the family of the late author, Nancy M.
Howland.  Ganoskin charges $5 for 'bandwidth costs in distributing and hosting the book'.  I thought that was a good deal.

... of course I was calculating ink, plus paper ... I had gone to B & N and Amazon, Amazon
had a used one for $50 plus $3.99 shipping.  The second printing of this book, by the way
was sold out long ago. 

To work to put my book together before the pages get messed up ... the folder I had
but I would not have know that had I not been cleaning up my studio for the past
couple of days and found after I had printed this too, fits much better than the 3 inch
binder I had laying around and was going to use.

My E-Book looks so pretty, I keep flipping thru the pages, and hey, I can add pages of notes or
pictures of work later if I want to.  I must admit though, that in my heart, just a tiny bit, I'd like the book. I
just decided to google it and low and behold, the free PDF is right there on top of page at
It's okay, I paid only $5 for mine but thought I would pass this on ... as for the book,
$53 was the lowest price and more than $100 is what I found for the used book.

The Table of Contents is 3 1/2 pages long with lots of good
stuff listed, can't wait to sit down with my binder, er, my pretty
Red E-Book.  So do any of you regularly download E-Books?
How do you store yours or do you prefer the book?

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