Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another Cuff Bracelet

I do like to work with copper, though, for me, it seems to be harder to work with than sterling silver.  I love its earthy, organic look and it is also less expensive, so, I often use it for first timer projects, before going into sterling, making notes of sizes, gauges, forming. I am not a teacher.  I'm know there are many ways to do this bracelet and likely easier ways too.  This is just to share my learning experience as I am always searching the web for how to s.  Any questions, suggestions or tips are always welcome.

Used one piece of 13 gauge wire approx. 13".  I wanted to be 6" when flat. Bent ends around a 7mm or 8mm mandrel. One solder
join in the middle of bracelet, formed with mallet around bracelet mandrel.

These are not the wires I ended up using.  Changed from 13 gauge to 15 gauge and these were two 3" pieces.                                                        

Bent here and solder together below.

Solder to bracelet. Cleaned up and prongs bent, trimmed and smoothed.

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