Thursday, December 9, 2010

ETSY LISTINGS~(soon to be)

Here are some new jewelry pieces that need to be listed in my Etsy jewelry shop, I'm a little behind at the moment, but here are some things that I've come up with to make listing a little easier and faster.  Some of you seasoned Etsians probably already do these things, or maybe have some better tips.  As I finish a piece of jewelry, on a sheet of paper I write the measurements, length of necklace, earrings, bracelet, size of all the stones used and type of stones.  I get pictures taken as soon as I can, even if I'm not going to download them or list that day, when I view them, I crop and then will compress the one's for Etsy and write the identifying numbers of the ones I want to use.  The name for a piece usually comes along the way, I find...and determining price before you even start to list is goes...have I left anything out?  I would love to hear how you go about your listings, any good tips or suggestions?...or hey, even critique...please chime in...

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