Friday, December 10, 2010

Farmers' Market Friday~ 2 left

Yeeesss! I will be at Monrovia Farmer's Market tonight.  The shopping season is coming upon us fast, or so it seems, with Christmas Eve being on a Friday, we have two Fridays left at Monrovia to finish out the year.  Farmers' Markets, any local one near you, are a fun way to get your shopping done. It's not like going to a mall, it is more like an evening out with music, resturants, food booths, face painting, handmade gifts, pony rides, Christmas lights, mainly a strolling, casual atmosphere...oh... and Funnel Cakes with strawberrys and whipped can't find all this at the mall!!! get out this Friday to Monrovia or your local Farmers' Market and ....SHOP HANDMADE!!!

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